“For most of my life I have experienced dysfunction and pain. ” Andrew’s voice cracks as he shares his experience with hundreds of Mililani High School students. "Me, my younger brother and mother were abandoned by our father. I was homeless and spent the last five years living with relatives and family friends. These past three years have been rough; we were living with my mom’s friend who told me to 'kill myself'." He goes on to detail how this same adult, would lock him out of the house from 4 pm to 9 pm while he stood humiliated in the yard." I felt abused, abandoned, controlled and imprisoned."

Andrew recounts how his life began to unravel, “ No one at school could help me. I was afraid if the school found out I was homeless that I would get kicked out of school so I kept everything a secret. I trusted no one. I couldn’t eat, sleep or concentrate on my grades. I never imagined during all those years of homelessness and abandonment, God would eventually provide me a family and love through the Mililani YFC Club. I attended club weekly and began to realize that I could trust God, Darren (the YFC staff)  and the leaders in the club. This club provided me a family when I was hurting, a home when I had none, love when I felt unworthy and a purpose when I was lost.

I can help my friends who have similar situations of brokenness in their families by helping them find comfort through the YFC club and God’s love. Currently, our small and broken family has found our own home. We have been attending a local church. The YFC club gave me hope, when I couldn’t find the answers. Darren and the leaders have walked and prayed with me through my struggles. Thank God for YFC and for the church family. I am so grateful. My desire is that more students find a “home” with the Mililani YFC Club and also a home and family with God. YFC’s heart is for the “orphaned” student to show God’s love for the unloved on every high school campus.