See what our students are saying about their campus club

YFC’s club has caused me to continually strive with a spirit of excellence toward everything that I do, ranging from large responsible matters to very small things. It has also allowed me to grow in my faith in terms of allowing my peers to speak truth into my life as well as allowing myself to speak truth into other people’s lives.
— Brad
When I was young, my parents broke up. We moved from house to house, finally settling in a three-bedroom house with 16 people. This was a tough time for me and my mother. I struggled with pressure from school, friends, relationships and family. I had a lot of questions...things you can’t ask just anyone if you have no one to talk to. In my freshman year, my friend invited me to CORE, the YFC club. The messages lifted me up and helped me to think through my choices. The YFC staff was there for me, and I could confide in them without judgment or shame. CORE taught me a lot about myself, my purpose, and my God. This helped to mold and shape me. YFC is trying to reach every student, and I want to do what I can to help.
— Deana
When I first went to club, the speaker taught on a situation that was exactly what I was going through and made it relatable. It made me realize that I wasn’t the only one struggling with my own problems and other people are also going through what I was going through. But what made me love the lesson was the advice the speaker was giving, and how they incorporated the word of God with their lesson.
— Donnamel
The YFC club has allowed me to make friends and encouraged me to spend more time with God. Club has taught me to socialize better. It helped me to get along better with other students. I really appreciate the people who support YFC. It inspires me to want more for my high school and our club.
— Chris
Club is a haven for a person like me. I feel comfortable being candid about my walk at any season in my life, because vulnerability is embraced and expected. Listening to some of the problems my peers go through gives a wealth of perspective.
— Priscilla
It’s really just amazing how much my life has changed since I started going to YFC club. I feel like I’ve become a better person and knowing that I’ve been able to make better choices.
— Lori